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Vacuum Pump Coalescing Exhaust Filters

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What Oil Do I Use in my Vacuum Pumps

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Vacuum Pump Maintenance

Oil Acidity Test Kits

Vacuum pump fluid test kits determine the condition of the fluid and change-out intervals. The ATK-010 is specifically designed to address the conditions of vacuum pump fluid and the types of contamination that are common in a vacuum process. The test kit can be used for hydrocarbon, synthetic, and PFPE mechanical vacuum pump fluids, as well as silicone and hydrocarbon diffusion pump fluids. ATK-010 is a 10-test pack.
Quick Facts, Care and Feeding
Water Control Valve

Oil Filtration Systems

Free standing oil filtration systems continuously clean the oil and extend fluid life. These filtration units trap particulate, water and neutralize acids in the oil. Filtration systems can be operated with the pump on or off, extending and cleaning the fluid 24 hours a day.
Como Oil Filtration System
Como 6534 Filter Element

Testing your Vacuum pump oil

Cumberland Vacuum Products, Inc.

Have your vacuum pump oil analyzed and know when to change the pump fluid.

Tested For:
24 Element Metals By ICP
Water by Karl Fisher
Viscosity @ 40 or 100C
Base or Acid Number
Particle Count

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