Not all fluids work the same! Let us help you choose the one to optimize your process!

High Vacuum Pump Fluids and Greases

Cumberland Vacuum Products, Inc. offers mechanical and diffusion vacuum pump fluids using the latest manufacturing technology. Our attention to vacuum process, parameters, maintenance requirements, and customer needs ensures you the longest-lasting and most reliable vacuum pump fluids available today.

Mechanical and Blower Pump Fluids

Mechanical Vacuum Pump Fluids

Our vacuum pump fluids are engineered to maintain optimum lubrication while achieving the lowest possible vapor pressure. We manufacture fluids that are non-additive, food-grade, synthetic, and semi-synthetic fluids, as well as specialty additive packages for specific process conditions.

  • CVP-100/120: Mechanical Pumps Operating at Elevated Temperatures; Resist Sludge & Varnish Formation
  • CVP-130: Mechanical Pumps Operating at Elevated Temperature: Resist Sludge & Varnish Formulation
  • CVP-153/154: General Use Fluid for Food Processing; USDA Food Plant Approved-Hydrocarbon
  • CVP-157/158: Sliding Rotary Vane Type Vacuum Pumps; USDA Food Plant Approved-Synthetic
  • CVP-159: Rapid Cycle Food Processing Mechanical Pumps; USDA Food Plant Approved-Semi-Synthetic
  • CVP-170: Internal Cleaning of Mechanical Vacuum Pumps; Releases Contamination from Internal Parts
  • CVP-177: General Service, Piston, & Large Vane Pumps; Resists Water Emulsification and Oxidation
  • CVP-180: General Service Belt Drive Rotary Vane Pumps; Direct Replacement to Welch Duoseal™
  • CVP-185: General Use for Large Mechanical Pumps; Excellent Thermal Stability & High Viscosity
  • CVP-187: Pumps Exposed to High Acid Contamination; Effectively Neutralizes Acid
  • CVP-188: Pumps Exposed to High Acid Contamination; Effectively Neutralizes Acid
  • CVP-190: General Use for Laboratory Mechanical Pumps; Rapid Pumping with Low Ultimate Pressure
  • CVP-195: Versatile Fluid for All Hydrocarbon Applications; Replaces Multiple Fluids & Is OEM Approved
  • CVP-198: Pumps Subject to Reactive or Corrosive Gases; Molecularly Distilled White Hydrocarbon
  • CVP-200: Vane Pumps & Blowers Backing Diffusion Pumps; Direct Replacement for HE-200
  • CVP-405: 6" Belt Driven Roots Type Rotary Lobe Blowers; Non-Foaming Offers Better Lubrication
  • CVP-410: 10" Belt Driven Roots Type Rotary Lobe Blowers, Non-Foaming Offers Better Lubrication
  • CVP-505: Synthetic Blower lube for maximum gear and seal lubrication
  • CVP-540/550: Cold Starts with Temperature Stability Requirements; Oxidation & Chemical Resistant-Synthetic
  • CVP-600: Synthetic Mechanical Pump Fluid for high-temperature applications
  • CVP-850: Hydrocarbon Free System for Refrigerants; Compatible with, R134A, R12, & R22
  • Krytox™: Oxygen Service Mechanical Vacuum Pumps; PFPE Oxygen-Safe No Flash/Fire
  • Fryquel™: Fire-retardant Mechanical Pump fluid

Diffusion & Jet-Booster Vacuum Pump Fluids

Silicone Diffusion Vacuum Pump Fluids 

We manufacture a wide range of diffusion pump fluids. We offer general-use fluids for industrial applications, as well as specialty fluids for high-vacuum systems.

  • CVP-200: Hydrocarbon; General-Use, High-Vacuum Diffusion Pump Fluid
  • CVP-300: Hydrocarbon; Formulated for Diffusion, Booster, & Ring Jet Vacuum Pumps
  • CVP-400: Hydrocarbon; Heavy Gas Loads & High-Temperature Applications
  • CVP-702: Silicone; General Purpose Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluid
  • CVP-704: Silicone; Pumps Continually Cycled to Air at High Operating Temperature
  • CVP-705: Silicone; Formulated for Ultra-High Vacuum System Operations
  • Santovac™: 5 Polyphenyl Ether; Preferred Fluid for Analytical Equipment Using Vacuum Pumps
  • CVP-Oil S: Synthetic Ester; Standard Fluid for Leak Detectors & Mass Spectrometers

Vacuum Pump Greases

  • CVP-9020: Silicone based High Vacuum Fluid
  • Fomblin™: Oxygen Service High Vacuum Grease