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Tube Style Exhaust Filters & Filter Kits


Tube style filters are used for air inlet & oil mist exhaust filtration for many types of vacuum pumps. Sometimes they are very visible on the exhaust or the inlet of the pump.  But in many cases these filters and hidden internally,  covered by a plate or shroud. Carefully examine your pump exhaust port, even if you have an external exhaust filter there may be internal filters that are neglected or missed when servicing the pump.

We offer internal filters and filter service kits for the following pump manufacturers.

Leybold™, Alcatel™, Kinney™, Tuthill™, Rietschle™, Stokes™, Edwards™, Dekker™, Busch™, Adixen™, Oerlikon™, Fisher™, Galileo™, Becker™, Pfeiffer™, Ulvac™, Varian™ and more.

Service kits include:
(where applicable)
Filter Element, Oil Filter, Filter Pad, Gaskets, O-rings, and Site Glass.

Tube Style Filter