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Oil Mist Eliminators & Replacement Elements


Vacuum pump exhaust filters, oil mist eliminators, coalesors, OMEs, are all designed to eliminate vacuum pump exhaust vapors and contaminants form being expelled into the atmosphere. These units can be oil mist coalescing, HEPA, particle or dust filtration.

Oil flooded vacuum pumps require oil mist filtration to condense micro droplets of oil in the element allowing the air to move freely to atmosphere.

Dry type vacuum pumps use no oil and require a scrubber for chemical applications, dust or particle type exhaust filtration for non offensive exhaust applications.

We offer OEM replacements from the same companies who supply the pump manufactures. We also offer custom and  aftermarket units and elements, tested and proven to offer the same specifications as the original equipment at a more economical cost.

For Proper Installation of Exhaust Filters
Filter Facts and Instructions