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Mechanical Vacuum Pump Inlet Filters


Protecting your vacuum pumps from process contamination extends oil life for oil flooded pumps and increases efficiency of dry running vacuum pumps. Inlet filters reduce particulate, acid and process contamination. With the changes in OEM names and consolidation of products, locating a replacement element or complete unit is almost impossible even if you have an old part number.

We offer original equipment and field tested aftermarket units & elements for the following OEMs:

Dollinger™, Consler™, Leybold™, Alcatel™, Kinney™, Tuthill™, Stokes™, Edwards™, Becker™, Dekker™, Busch™, Alcatel™, Adixen™, Oerlikon™, Fisher™, Galileo™, Pfeiffer™, Precision™, Ulvac™, Varian™, Welch™ and more.

We offer HEPA, multi-stage catch pot units, particulate retention, water absorption and acid neutralization elements . Some elements are rebuildable and/or cleanable. Various micron ratings available from stock.
We have what you need and can supply those hard to find part numbers, typically from stock.