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Inlet Filters, Oil Mist Eliminators & Replacment Oil Filters

Cumberland Vacuum Products, Inc. offers affordable and oem inlet, oil mist filters,  replacement elements and oil filters for all vacuum pump manufacturers Our products are direct oem replacements, field tested and customer approved. In msot cases thye are the same as the OEM form the same supplier at a more affordable cost.

Oil Mist Eliminators & Replacement Elements
We offer exhaust filters and replacement elements for all types of vacuum pumps. Exhaust filters eliminate smoke and vapors from exiting your pump. These are commonly known as oil mist filters, smoke eliminators, or oil mist coalescers. Our complete units and elements are direct replacements for most OEM manufacturers, including but not liminted to:

• Stokes™ • Alcatel™ • Edwards™ • Welch™ • Kinney™




Welch Filters



Tube Style Exhaust Filters & Filter Kits

We provide indiviual tube-style exhaust filters and filter kits for all oil flooded rotary vane vacuum pumps. Filter kits include: exhaust filters, oil filters, O-rings, and associated parts needed for a complete filter change out. Tube type exhaust filter replacement elements are available for all vacuum pump and filter manufactures.


• Balston • Rietschle • Busch™ • Becker™ • Leybold™

   Balston filter







Mechanical Vacuum Pump Inlet Filters
CVP offers inlet filters for vacuum pipelines and systems. Vacuum inlet filters are designed to stop dust and particulate from entering your vacuum pump and contaminating the oil. Replacement elements are available as disposable, cleanable, or re-buildable units at a moderate cost. High temperature materials and special end seals are available upon request. We supply direct replacements for most original equipment manufacturers, including Dollinger™, Consler™, and Stokes™.

Sewn End Filter

External Mechanical Pump Oil Filtration & Elements
We supply vacuum pump replacement oil filters for all brands. These include spin-on replacement filters for direct drive, Alcatel, Edwards, Stokes, Leybold, Busch, and all other vacuum pumps. Replacement elements for particulate, water removal, and acid neutralization for freestanding oil filtration systems are available in all sizes


Oil filter

Disposable Exhaust Filters
Disposable exhaust filters are available for most vacuum pumps up to 30 CFM. Disposable exhaust filters are simpler to service, there are no separate element to replace and, in most cases, a complete unit is less expensive than a replacement element. They are available in three sizes with pipe or quick flange connections. Custom sizes and lengths are available upon request.

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